A refreshing and inspiring approach to Health and Wellness

A “Functional Medicine Approach” means taking a step back, looking at the whole person, taking a deep dive, and working to find the root causes of illness.  To that end, our testing process is focused and more robust. Once the roots are discovered, we go to work on address the imbalances in the body and mind in order to create an environment of healing within the many systems of the body.  The healing process most frequently includes modifications to diet and lifestyle along with individualized nutritional support, and in some cases, medications.  Our goal is to achieve peak health and wellness.  


I am a Physician Assistant with 5 years of experience in family practice and urgent care. My training is through the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM).


Our testing methods include blood, salivary, and urine testing. We look closely at your results, with YOU in mind, not just what is “normal”.


I am a strong believer in the power of health coaching. I work with coaches that are well trained and passionate about helping their patients implement change and restore their health